Dec 31, 2017

Putter Review: SeeMore Mini GIANT Deep Flange Black Stealth Putter

The SeeMore Giant line of putters evolves the classic FGP design with the Mini Giant Deep Flange, a putter I've been dying to test out since I first saw the press release. The new Mini Giant is perfect for golfers looking for a high MOI putter. While the size of the Mini GIANT is not as large as most of the other GIANT lines, this compact look will appeal to a wider range of golfers.    
Nonadjustable copper weights on both ends of the head and sole increase MOI.
 Reviewed: Specs - Length: 35" Lie: 72 degrees(upright) Grip: Rosemark 1.52, Black Stealth with tone on tone RST.            Price: $395        
Found the distance control of the Mini Giant Deep Flange to be spot on, and I tried it in many conditions and different types of greens, including the Ocean Course on Kiawah Island. This high quality of distance control is due to the large, perimeter-weighted head, which, regardless of the putter's stroke, will help all types of golfers.


Like most SeeMore putters, you require more of a pendulum motion stroke. So, those like myself who are used to this kind of stroke will be more dialled in, while others will need to practice this further to groove their putting stroke.  
The “Stealth RST” features a blacked-out look and a dark red RST with a crackle effect. It is very unique and quite stylish. 
The 100% Milled Aluminum head weight is 350 grams, a nice weight for the stroke required for this face-balanced putter. It feels effortless on both long and short putts. For those requiring more weight, SeeMore, like always, can customize your putter by adding internal weight.  
 The black finish, which is maintenance-free, frames the golf ball beautifully at impact and has a slimming effect on the “Giant” models.    
The oversized Rosemark grip is not only a perfect fit for those with larger hands, but the shape and overall feel have made it the only grip I’ll use on a putter. The best connection between you and your putter. Check out Rosemark’s grips on their website and social media channels.    

It is a tad smaller than the Giant M1t I reviewed last year. The Mini Giant is one sexy-looking putter; bold copper weights and a striking milling pattern give it a bold, rich look.   
Final Thoughts The SeeMore Mini Giant Deep Flange Black Stealth Putter is a mouth full to say but is simplistic in its design. The weight and feel make it the perfect putter setup for those struggling with direction and distance control. The look of the mini Giant DF, with its simple black finish and deep flange, instills confidence in those struggling with their putter. The “Stealth RST” makes this putter even more stylish and unique. Add SeeMore’s many customization options, and you will have another winner from SeeMore Putters.  

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