Jun 29, 2018

10 Ways to Play Golf Without Breaking the Bank

Golf has long had the reputation of being the rich man’s game. It’s hardly surprising when you consider that green fees alone can run into hundreds of dollars on select courses. Once you start to add on all the little extras, such as equipment, attire, and food, the cost can seem steep even for those with deep pockets.
To make sure you’re never in a position where you have to consider hanging up your clubs due to cost, we’ve compiled a list of ten money-saving steps you can start taking today.
1) Learn to Re-Grip Your Clubs
Golfers who play most weekends usually get their clubs regripped once every 12 months. While the cost of getting this done at a golf club is only around $2-3 per club, it can quickly add up if you’re playing with an average set of 14 different clubs.
The workaround for this issue is to learn how to re-grip clubs by yourself. Double-sided tape and a new replacement grip are arguably the only essential tools you need to get the job done.
2) Try Pre-Owned Clubs

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There’s no shame in looking around local garage sales or browsing online auction sites to try and find a decent set of second-hand clubs. A lot of the time, these clubs will only have minor cosmetic imperfections that won’t affect your game in any way.
3) Sell any Unused or Unwanted Kit
It’s common for regular players to acquire a number of different clubs over the course of their playing career. Rather than banishing old clubs to the garage or attic, sell them online for some extra money.
4) Play Later in the Day
Most golf courses offer discounted rates to those willing play later in the afternoon. Of course, playing in a fading light isn’t ideal, but with no waiting around for groups in front of you, it does have its additional benefits. 
5) Steer Clear of Weekends
Basic economics of scale tells us that the more demand there is for something, the higher the price is likelier to be. People want to play golf with their friends and family on the weekends. Therefore, if you’re flexible enough to be able to play during the week, you should be able to bag yourself a cheaper rate.

6) Ball Hunt in the Winter
With little to no foliage around during the winter months, it’s easily the best time of the year to fill up your shag bag in preparation for the summer sun.
7) Bring Your Own Food When You Play
It doesn’t take much time or effort to prepare a packed lunch and it could end up saving you hundreds of dollars each year.
8) Book Online and in Advance
Don’t ring up a course and attempt to arrange a booking at short notice. That’s one sure-fire way of getting the worse possible rate.
Instead, try to book a tee time online around a week in advance. Doing so could well save you around $10 bucks each time – enough for an extra bottle of wine on the weekly shop.
9) Only use Recycled Balls
The performance difference between a premium and recycled balls is minimal – particularly for amateur golfers who struggle replicate the same swing.
10) Don’t Hire a Cart

Hiring a cart isn’t necessary to enjoy a round of golf (no matter how fun they’re to drive). Besides, walking is good exercise, and who doesn’t need some of that?

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