Jun 24, 2018

Golf Sunglass Review: Electric Tech One Pro Sunglasses

Over the years I've worn sunglasses on and off the golf course but lately my eye health took a back seat and I haven't been wearing sunglasses.

Luckily some things happened recently that will hopefully help my long term eye health.

1) Finally went for my annual eye exam
2)  I found out I have sun damage on my eyes but no cataracts.
3) Got progressive lenses instead of using Costco reading glasses.
4) Got contacted by Electric a Sunglass company out of California to do a sunglass review (The first one ever on my blog).
5) Those sunglasses are Electric's Tech One Pro Sunglasses with Ohm Grey Lens.

Details as per Electric's website:

FRAME: 8 base mold injected Grilamid frame in feather weight construction with performance grip nose bridge and temple tips. Innovative double action hinge system.

OPTICS: 8 base OHM Polycarbonate lens. 100% UV protection. Up to 98% Blue Light protection.

GREY TINT: VLT 10% . Optimal lens for daily use. Increased clarity and depth perception while providing visual comfort.

MEASURMENT:46h - 144w - 161l

WEIGHT: 27 grams

California Design. Hand Crafted In Italy.

The Tech One Pro sunglasses were awesome for keeping down the glare on my eyes on and off the golf course. This was the thing I noticed the most about wearing them over the last few months.

Tech One Pros first taste of golf at Bald Head Island Club. Performed beautifully in cool, winding, sunny conditions  at Bald Head Island Club in North Carolina.

So although this Electric sunglasses aren't going to reverse any damage I've caused already I wanted to see how they would perform with my busy lifestyle both on and off the golf course.

The Tech Zone Pro sunglasses have a very light frame made from Grilamid high-performance polyamide. They fit perfectly and were so lightweight. This was one criteria that was important to me for sunglasses or glasses especially if I was going to wear them everyday.


The Tech One Pro offers a full 8-base wrap, that became one of the most comfortable fit of any sunglasses I've tried over the years. The Melanin enhanced rimless peripheral vision.

These are an amazing high performance sunglass. Electric has expanded their most popular 8-base sunglass style to add the protection, clarity, and comfort features users desire in a high performance sunglass.

The Ohm Grey Lens was great for all round wear not only on the golf course. I did find them a bit too dark during early morning rounds and later evening rounds. For driving they were more then capable with giving my eyes rest and clarity, a real bonus considering how much I drive.

 The following list are the highlights of these lens:

Acts like SPF 140 for your eyes
Prolongs retinal health
Helps to prevent crow’s-feet

With increased protection come less strain and a relaxed, soothing feeling for your eyes.

Not to be confused with a “color enhancing tint”, our standard issue OHM lenses provide vibrant images with clarity, contrast, and depth.

With so many options out there for sunglasses. Electric California Sunglasses has come to the forefront for me when it comes to the Tech One Pro with Ohm Lens. A perfect balance of performance and style. Lightweight yet durable for on or off the golf course. With my busy lifestyle this was the perfect combo. I'm going to order some lens specifically for golf in the near future so stay tuned. In the mean time Electric Sunglasses can be ordered on Electric's website. They range from about $120USD and up depending on lens(The ones I review the Tech One Pro with Ohm Lens $140) and can also be found at various golf courses near you. Like Bigwin Island, London Hunt Club and Port Carling Golf Club to name just a few here in Ontario.

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