Nov 1, 2011

Are Canadian Golfers A Different Breed?

By Ottawa Golf Blog   Posted at  11/01/2011 08:03:00 PM   6 comments

I posted a picture of me last week on Instagram from a golfing day at Equinelle Golf Course one of my favorite golf courses in the Ottawa area. I had heard they were closing on Oct. 31st so I had to get out for one more round. I had the toque on with the Sunice Tornado Jacket so I was prepared. The day was chilly but sunny and the caption I put with the picture was: "Is 6 degrees Celsius to cold to golf, not in Canada eh!". Now the course wasn't packed but there were many golfers out there toughing it out in the windy weather which made it seem much colder than 6 degrees. It got me to thinking are Canadians a different breed of golfer will we golf in any type of conditions are we a hardier breed of golfers. What possesses us to knock around a half frozen golf ball when flurries are eminent at any moment.

I think I got my answer when a fellow golfer from Denmark posted a comment on my picture. Here's his response: "Played yesterday in fog and around 3 degrees Celsius in Denmark. Not a problem :)"

Golfers in those places with short golf seasons are more prone to golf right til the end. Yes some guys/girls are fair weather golfers regardless of where they live. Packing up their bags early to explore indoor activities like cash bingo games, slots at the local casino or maybe an indoor pickup hockey game. But here in Canada and Denmark crazy golfers are busy figuring out which golf course are still open and flock to them oblivious to the elements because golfing outside in the beautiful outdoors sure beats swinging a club inside at a simulator etc. eh!

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Anonymous said...

I played golf for ten years in South Wales on the coast. We played all year round. Minus 3 to minus 6 no problem. We wore more layers and used yellow balls as we couldn't see white ones as the ground was covered in frost. High winds were the norm. Blew my powerkaddy over on more than one ocassion. I also remember hitting 3 irons in from 150 yards and using driver on par threes when the wind was gusting over 50-60mph. So in short....Canadian golfers are not a breed apart, in my world they're a load of big softies!

this is such wonderful blog to read.

Annika said...

wow. 3 Degrees Celsius and still playing. now that's some hard core golfer. nice post.

emily said...

If what you say is true then k' i'm agreed that our Canadian is a bit of a softy lol I don't think i want to be out playing golf under such condition!

I would like to say this is an excellent blog that I have ever come across. Very informative. Please write more so that we can get more details.

I agree...takes hardcore work to be a Canadian golfer!

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