Nov 15, 2007

The Mountains Of Colorado Await

By Ottawa Golf Blog   Posted at  11/15/2007 08:53:00 PM   2 comments

A friend just got a job transfer to Denver Colorado which is pretty good because he's pretty active in outdoor sports so the snow capped mountains of Colorado fit right in with his mentality. I first met him in B.C. when we worked together tree planting. Right now he's looking into getting an affordable house outside of the city of Denver. It seems the Colorado real estate market is real stable right now with Colorado good economy being part of this stability. I was telling my buddy I'll even help him pack if when I visit we get to play Pole Creek Golf Club outside of Denver. he has to pay though.

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Joel said...

Thanks for the props Sean! When you come to Colorado, look me up & we'll play at the Ridge in Castle Pines!

Sounds good Joel

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